Our team and our partners are experts in their fields, responsible for helping hundreds of world-class conferences find their place in Leeds. We’ve got just the kind of specialist knowledge, hints, tips and tricks that can transform an event from the ordinary to the exceptional, and the experience to put it into practice. Check back for blog posts covering key conferencing topics, city features, tools and case studies.

Foodie capital of the North: How you can get a taste of Leeds at your next event

Leeds has a reputation for being the foodie capital of the North. Home to a vibrant and diverse food and drink scene, the city boasts an enviable combination of a thriving independent and street food community as well as a Michelin star restaurant an

27 Oct 2021

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Independent venues: Tech at your fingertips

Leeds is a city at the forefront of technological innovation. Home to some of the most innovative businesses of our time and a digital festival which has become the largest tech event in the UK, Leeds has emerged as the fastest growing digital econom

25 Oct 2021

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Fuelling your creativity – How independent venues can inspire 

Leeds is a city full of surprises. A modern city with a rich industrial past, brimming with culture while boasting a vibrant city centre and an eclectic food and drink scene. From entrepreneurs and craftspeople to creatives and cooks, the city is a h

18 Oct 2021

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By 2050 the event industry aims to be carbon neutral: Find out what Leeds’ independent venues are doing to secure a greener future

Choosing Leeds for your next event means choosing a city that is working to reduce its carbon footprint, reduce pollution and noise, to promote cycling and walking and the use of public transport whilst building sustainable infrastructure for the fut

14 Oct 2021

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Behind the scenes – the teams helping you experience the exceptional

To celebrate Independence Venues Month, Conference Leeds has gone behind the scenes to find out more about the teams who drive the city’s unique and independent venues helping organisers and delegates to experience the exceptional. 

4 Oct 2021

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Independent Venues in Leeds

Leeds is a city that is fuelled by independence. From shopkeepers and craftspeople to creatives and cooks, the city is a host to unique venues and radical innovators at the forefront of tech, healthcare, culture and sport.

9 Jul 2021

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Travel and Transport

As the epicentre of the North, Leeds welcomes millions of visitors to the city every year for both business and pleasure, and it couldn’t be easier to plan your trip to the city.

11 Jun 2021

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Key Developments in Leeds: Science and Technology

11 November 2020: Leeds and its residents have had a real impact on the world as we know it, and the city has an impressive track record of people and innovative developments to be proud of. The diversity, modernity and cultural atmosphere of the cit

19 Nov 2020

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Let’s Get Digital: How Leeds’ events have embraced the new normal

In the last few months, we’ve seen how technology can help us stay connected. Zoom, Facetime, Skype and a cacophony of apps have been used worldwide to help friends and families keep in touch to alleviate stress, deliver hope and adapt to what is f

4 Nov 2020

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Outdoor Venues in Leeds

As the meetings and events industry looks towards reopening from the 17th May, Conference Leeds has been thinking about how the needs of conference organisers may have changed and which standout features they’ll be looking for when selecting their

18 Sep 2020

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