Our team and our partners are experts in their fields, responsible for helping hundreds of world-class conferences find their place in Leeds. We’ve got just the kind of specialist knowledge, hints, tips and tricks that can transform an event from the ordinary to the exceptional, and the experience to put it into practice. Check back for blog posts covering key conferencing topics, city features, tools and case studies.

The Future of Conferencing

The Conference and Events Industry is fraught with uncertainty at the moment. In the midst of a global pandemic, our industry has been hit hard. But, if there’s one thing that we do know for certain, it’s that the industry is working harder than

23 Jul 2020

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Horizon introduce new catering option in light of COVID-19

With the events and catering industry taking a huge hit from the impact of COVID-19, Horizon want to ensure that when you return, you can book both space and catering with confidence.

18 Jun 2020

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A Look at Leeds’ Historical Venues

Creating a lasting impression when hosting a conference or event can be achieved in a variety of ways, be it securing highly-esteemed keynote speakers, hosting a unique range of workshops and plenary sessions, or even offering the best …

22 May 2020

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Key developments in Leeds

Leeds and its residents have had a real impact on the world as we know it. And the city has a pretty good track record of people and innovative developments to be proud of. The diversity, modernity and cultural atmosphere of the city


6 Feb 2020

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Leading the Way: A Sector Spotlight on Leeds’ Digital Industries

Home to 3,500 digital and technology companies, with a digital GVA of £688 million and a growth potential of 92%, Leeds is one of the most innovative digital hubs not only in the UK, but across the globe. Leeds’ digital sector is one of


24 Jan 2020

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