Conferences are back…back again

Following a state of turmoil where the digital screen became our best friend for meeting, actual in-person meetings are back, and with a vengeance! Named as the 5th most popular conferencing destination in the UK, Leeds is welcoming in-person conferences back with open arms and has already secured a wealth of conferences for 2022, on par with pre-covid numbers in 2019. Up by 600% compared to February 2021, conference organisers are choosing Leeds as the destination for their conference, and we’re going to tell you why. After all, your conference could be next.

Organising a Conference With Ease

Conference organising shouldn’t be complicated, and the Conference Leeds team go above and beyond to ensure this. As life has made way for a new normal in 2022, people and businesses alike are craving in-person interaction and Leeds’ venues are revelling in this. Going out of their way to ensure that in-person conferences are planned to perfection and run as smoothly as possible, the Conference Leeds team combine their years of experience with first-class knowledge to deliver an exceptional event. Already helping world-class conference organisers to arrange their conference in Leeds, the numbers speak for themselves with a busy schedule of events already secured for 2022.

While the knowledge and experience of the Conference Leeds team goes a long way to make conference organising easy, Leeds’ venues also have a huge role to play. What makes Leeds’ venues a popular option for conference organisers, is the option for choice – choice to make their own decisions. While wearing a mask and social distancing might be a preference for some, it might not be for others, and Leeds venues are giving their conference organisers the option to choose what works best for them and their delegates. It’s this awareness that makes Leeds a conference city of choice, because who wouldn’t want to organise a conference with a venue that tailors everything to suit the needs of the organiser?

Operating in New Ways

While conferences are leaping forward with in-person meetings, the world has been no stranger to evolution over the past few years and hybrid working is a new way of life for many. Not only is hybrid working a consideration for conference organisers, but for Leeds’ venues too. Allowing conference organisers to book a conference with peace of mind, in-person conferences are encouraged, but hybrid conferences are an alternative option.

Catering to the considerations of conference organisers, Leeds’ venues are no stranger to hybrid working and Horizon Leeds is a prime example. Having created a state-of-the-art streaming studio throughout the pandemic, Horizon Leeds allowed conferences to continue despite restrictions prohibiting people from meeting in person. This is just one example, and other venues in Leeds are proving that hybrid conferences are possible and are a success, including MEETinLEEDS and Innovate Space Festival. Giving delegates the opportunity to attend a conference even if they can’t in person, the hybrid nature of life goes someway to make this possible without diluting the content or the experience.

Greater Opportunities for Business

It’s no secret that delegate meeting habits have changed; compared to pre-covid times, meeting trends have identified that when delegates do meet, they’re meeting in larger groups and for longer. This gives conference organisers the opportunity to organise in-person conferences that are bigger, better, and bolder. Leeds venues can cater to this with large event spaces and multi-functional rooms, not forgetting the plethora of high quality accommodation. Organising a conference that allows delegates to fully immerse themselves into the culture of conferencing is therefore paramount and Conference Leeds couldn’t understand this better.

In person meetings really do offer delegates an opportunity to explore the realms of their subject and network in a manner that just can’t be done online. While conference organisers have made it work online, and extremely well at that, the accessibility to deliver content and opportunities to network are much easier and beneficial in person. That said, delegates really can benefit from in-person conferences as it gives them the opportunity to work within a team that is otherwise tricky online.

Working Behind the Scenes

While Zoom may be taking a back seat as in-person events are growing, conferencing teams are still working behind the screens to assist with conferencing enquiries efficiently to ensure the planning process runs smoothly. One thing that Conference Leeds and its venues prides itself on is their approach and professionalism when engaging with conference organisers – they’re people after all, not corporations. It’s not just about booking a conference in Leeds; it’s about planning and execution. On hand to identify needs, the Conference Leeds team recognises that every conference is different and as a result, creates a bespoke conference plan for each and every conference organiser. This means that conference organisers can be rest-assured that booking a conference in Leeds is going to be met with a friendly and helpful face. Not only that, but conferencing teams across Leeds are working at a fast pace to respond to conference enquiries quickly to keep up with the level of demand.

What is yet to come 

We have gone some way to demonstrate that in-person conferences are back in Leeds, and booking your conference couldn’t be easier, especially when the Conference Leeds service is available to help. Proof is in the pudding, and Leeds has already secured the following conferences;

  • UKREiiF, UK Real Estate Investment and Infrastructure Forum on the 17th-19th May where 1000+ delegates will be in attendance,
  • Equity Conference (Trade conference for performing artists) on the 21st – 23rd May where 200 delegates will be attending,
  • Alcoholics Anonymous 75th Anniversary Conference on the 10th – 12th June where 4,000 delegates will be attending,
  • 8th International Conference on Concrete Repair, Technology & Durability on the 11th – 13th July where 140 delegates will be attending, and
  • Pancreas Society of Great Britain on the 17th – 19th November where 300 delegates will be attending.

These conference wins are just to name a few and prove that the Conference Leeds team is the driving force for securing and delivering the exceptional in Leeds. To find out more about booking a conference in Leeds, visit