Financial and Professional Services

Not that we’re counting, but Leeds is the largest financial centre outside of London, and we’re a major hub for professional services. It’s a sector that contributes £13 billion of gross added value (GVA) to the UK economy. Across an array of businesses, banks, institutions and innovative startups, you’ll find professionals, consultants and industry leaders ready to jump in and add value to your conference. A ready made network of contacts, just waiting for your delegates.

Over 30 national and international banks are based across the city region and Leeds is home to the Bank of England’s only note issuing centre outside of London.

With over 14,100 employed in banking, Leeds outstrips Manchester, Birmingham and Glasgow in size (TheCityUK, 2013) and is also a significant hub for related professional services with higher overall employment than Edinburgh (TheCityUK, 2013), a strong legal sector and one of the highest number of management consultants in the UK.

3 people having a meeting looking at a laptop with Leeds finance facts in black and green font. 3 people having a meeting with Leeds finance sector fact in black and green font

The city is home to a rich and diverse range of insurance businesses from global insurers, customer services and claim handling centres, underwriting and brokerage operating across various markets and specialisms.


Leeds is at the forefront of strategic thinking and focused on growing the level of quality financial and professional services employment outside London.

The strength of the sector in the region offers extensive benefits for hosting your financial or professional services conference or event in the city, as our team has access to a vast number of industry leaders and firms who would be well placed to feed into your programme. The exciting growth and development in the sector here ensures innovative ideas and passion will be cultivated in Leeds.