Meeting room with blue feature wall and uplighters with wound tables and black chairs.


Horizon revamps meeting room with brand new technology

Local award-winning conference venue, Horizon Leeds paves the way in new technology for the business industry, as they bid farewell to static presentations and say hello to collaborative, working and interactive training sessions as part of a brand new meeting room refurbishment.
The new room features a focal point with a revolutionary new screen, providing a space to meet, think, create, engage and inspire. An update to the traditional SMART board, the new Avocor screen has touch screen technology that makes presenting easy. Benefitting from a Windows 10 interface and a plug and play system, means there’s no need for laptops or wires, the system is simple to use. It also allows speakers and delegates to annotate over presentations, documents and web pages in real time, and can be used as a white board space at the end of sessions to capture delegate feedback – moving away from flipchart paper and helping to support Horizon’s sustainability commitment.

Situated centrally in the city’s vibrant riverside location of Brewery Wharf, Horizon’s new training space is filled with natural daylight and stunning views of the city centre, a perfect recipe for delegates to feel energised and creative. Created by the NHS Confederation, their mission is to be the leading provider and champion for digitally led conference and training facilities, whilst remaining true to their NHS Confederation values.

Natalie Pitts, Deputy Venue Manager, said:

“I really believe we are moving to a more digital age of interactive training, and it’s exciting that we can provide this type of facility to our clients. We couldn’t be more pleased about the results of the refurbishment and we think that having a space such as this will be hugely beneficial for the city of Leeds.”

Claire Heap, Head of ConferenceLeeds comments,

“Horizon Leeds’ new development is a great example of a meeting room refurbishment bringing a venue ahead of the curve and will provide a new space to help delegates have the best possible experience when in Leeds. The investment helps to shine a spotlight on Leeds’ strength in the digital sector. Leeds is one of the most innovative digital hubs in the UK, now being home to over 3,500 digital and technology companies across a range of industries.”