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MEETinLEEDS awarded Customer Service Excellence® standard

MEETinLEEDS, the conference and events facilities at the University of Leeds, has achieved the Customer Service Excellence® standard as part of the University of Leeds’ Commercial and Campus Support Services (CCSS). In addition to achieving the government standard, which recognises the organisation’s commitment to putting customers first, the service achieved a significantly positive result, receiving ‘Compliance plus’ for eight standard criteria – the most criteria that any first time participating organisation, for this accreditation, has ever received.

The Customer Service Excellence® standard is a government standard that recognises an organisation’s commitment to putting customers first. The standard challenges organisations to examine their service in relation to 57 criteria that have been shown to influence customer satisfaction.

MEETinLEEDS, as part of the wider CCSS service, were praised for elements such as their in-depth understanding of current and potential customers, their particular efforts to identify hard-to-reach and disadvantaged groups and individuals, their policies and procedures that support the right of all customers to expect excellent levels of service, their coordinated working arrangements with partners and their accurate methods of measuring customer satisfaction levels.

Harriet Boatwright, Sales and Marketing Manager for MEETinLEEDS, commented: “The journey towards the accreditation has very much been one that we have undertaken alongside our customers. We must share the praise and pride we feel with all of our customers who make us better at what we do. Providing feedback and working together to inform the service is crucial to our delivery, our service integrity and our ability to deliver excellence. We very much look forward to continuing the journey with an on-going commitment to putting our customers at the heart of what we do.”

Richard Hamilton, Customer Service Excellence Manager at the Centre for Excellence commented: “Following well-coordinated preparations, CCSS at the University of Leeds was completely ready to complete its assessment against the national quality mark for excellence in customer service. This was a large project, requiring consistency across several diverse services. The outcome has provided a great opportunity for CCSS to celebrate its excellent practice and respond positively to the areas identified for development. Working with CCSS has been a pleasure for the Centre for Assessment – many congratulations on your impressive achievement.”