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Not just for sleeping: global hotel brands that provide spectacular overnight experiences in Leeds

Chain hotels are the elite of the hospitality sector. Think time-honoured art deco to sleek contemporary architecture, and warm classical interiors to mid-century modern design. No matter where you go, from Melbourne to Milan, and London to Leeds, chain hotels have an air of gravitas that masters the art of overnight accommodation. This stature goes beyond infrastructure and extends to a service offering that is second to none. Redefining the overnight stay, these global brands combine meeting and conference rooms, bars and restaurants, and leisure and fitness facilities so that their guests can do more than sleep and experience a stay like no other.

Boasting over 20 global hotel brands, conference organisers and delegates can expect to be greeted with familiar luxury from the get-go. The Hilton, Marriott, and Radisson are just some of the global brands that call Leeds their home and take the epicentre of the north to the next level for its conference and accommodation offering. Combined with Conference Leeds’ specialised service for organising conferences, hosting and attending a conference in Leeds really couldn’t be any more spectacular, and we’re going to tell you why.

Offering the full package

The wealth of global hotel brands in Leeds hotels offer the option to mix business with leisure. Complete with conference rooms, meeting spaces, and networking areas, organisers can choose to host their conference all in one location, allowing delegates to work, play, and sleep all in the same hotel. While bolstering the accessibility of a conference, organisers and delegates will also benefit from a team of dedicated staff to offer a helping hand. Offering a professional service, the hotel’s team will be there from start to finish and with experts with years of experience in conferencing, they can help with anything from itinerary planning and changes to tech support. 

Planning an overnight stay 

From VIP to delegate accommodation in Leeds, conference organisers and delegates alike can sleep rest assured that their all important shut-eye won’t be forsaken. Whether a conference is two days or one week long, conference organisers and delegates travel far and wide to reach its destination. So finding solace amongst the busy days of a conference should be a given to offer delegates the well needed rest they deserve. Thanks to the abundance of global hotel brands in Leeds, conference goers can expect to be greeted by familiarity, allowing them to settle in easily and find comfort in the trustworthy nature of the chain hotel. It is this established nature that often makes chain hotels the preferred choice for conferencing accommodation, as they offer a sense of relatability to people no matter where they have come from. 

Going beyond a place to stay 

With global hotel brands often comes a larger square footage, which means more bedrooms and an increased service offering. Take the Leeds Marriott Hotel as an example: not only is it the flagship Marriott Hotel for the North of England that prides itself on its 244 bedrooms, but it also has leisure facilities for all of its guests to enjoy, boasting an indoor gym and relaxing sauna. Allowing delegates to continue their routines as they would do at home, whether that’s keeping to a sleeping routine, or taking to the treadmill after a long day at work, chain hotels offer an extension of the home away from home, with dining options also readily available on site. Another prime example is the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel, located by the Leeds to Liverpool canal. Iconic to the Hilton brand is its stellar offering of rooftop bars across the globe. Leeds is home to the brand Sky Lounge, which as the name suggests, takes visitors on a journey that overlooks the scenic views of the city. Serving up tasty dishes and mouth-watering cocktails, delegates can expect to dine with luxury.

Accessing Chain Hotels in Leeds

With chain hotels placed conveniently across Leeds, visitors will find that whether they’re arriving by car, train, or plane, their journey will be made all the more easy. Located by the M1 and M62 is the Clayton Hotel with onsite parking available; by the train station is The Queens Hotel which prides itself in its art deco inspired rooms; and in the heart of the city centre is Radisson Blu which finds its home in a Grade II listed building, located close to transport links, leisure facilities, and bars and restaurants. Venturing outside of the city centre is Oulton Hall, which takes visitors away from the hustle and bustle to a location that prides itself in its green grounds, golf resort, and spa, all easily accessible from the city centre. These are just to name a few, and when it comes to choosing a conference venue for your conference, Conference Leeds is there to give a helping hand.

Taking advantage of Leeds’s culture offering 

While chain hotels offer everything you need for your stay in Leeds, there’s nothing stopping you from venturing across the streets of Leeds city centre and it’s wider communities. From thriving bars and restaurants to sports and leisure, and historic heritage sites to cultural destinations and performances, visiting Leeds for a conference is destined to be anything but a bore and knowledgeable staff will be on hand to provide suggestions tailored to you. 

So, why choose a chain hotel? 

To put it simply, global hotel brands truly allow guests to experience exceptional. With their presence spread wide and far across the globe oozing timeless decor and an unrivalled service offering, conference organisers and delegates can find their home away from home. With an abundance of chain hotels to choose from in the thriving city of Leeds, the team here at Conference Leeds is here to help so if you’d like to make enquiry and find a venue best suited to you, please click here.