Eat and Drink Indie… the way the Leeds locals do! 

Leeds is a city famed for its culinary exploits. It’s no surprise they call us the Foodie Capital of the North after all! And what gastronomic hub is complete without an independent food scene worth writing home about? 

26 Apr 2024

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Over 1,600 years of history in a day – Touring Leeds’ architecture

There are more than 3,300 listed buildings in Leeds, boasting everything from Victorian civic wonders to gothic religious monuments. So, it’s no surprise that the city is renowned amongst architecture lovers for its compact, inspirational city cent

2 Apr 2024

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Experience business meetings with a difference this festive season

As the nights draw to a close early and the air develops a bitter cool pinch, we fall back on the festive season to bring us ambient light and cosy warmth, especially when many of us spend the majority of the daylight hours at work. Though, just beca

8 Dec 2021

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