Lee Noon

Librarian at Leeds City Council

Job title:Librarian

Organisation: Leeds City Council

Event: International Association of Music Libraries UK and Ireland Annual Study Weekend

Date of the event: 5th-7th April 2024

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About the event:

The IAML has been promoting music libraries and information in the UK and Ireland since 1953, representing members working with music and music information in all sorts of institutions and organisations – from academic institutions and public sector services, to private collections.

Around Easter time each year, members in the UK and Ireland convene for a study weekend to share information and discuss thought-provoking topics in the field. With music librarians often the sole representative of the profession in their workplace, the study weekend gives members a welcome chance to meet, network and connect in person.


About Lee:

Lee’s career background is a diverse one, after leaving school at 16 to pursue a number of roles – including trophy engraving, bakery and cleaning. Alongside these positions, Lee developed managerial skills and formal college and university qualifications in computing and arts, finally gaining an arts degree.

His journey as a librarian began in 1999 at Leeds Central Music Library, and though Lee always intended to move to the Art Library, the transition never came. A passion for music research kept Lee in post, and his career has grown ever since. He now oversees the reformation of the music library, introducing new resources for the Leeds community. After 30 years working for Leeds City Council, Lee is proud to have helped inspire the next generation of music librarians – including a talk at UCL. But nothing beats helping a customer find a song in a book they have been seeking for years.