Food & Drink

Leeds has a great food and drink offering, find out more about what the city has to offer delegates during the conference and after hours.



Leeds is home to a busy and vibrant food and drink scene, and has both big name restaurants and independent eateries and bars on offer. Delegates can visit everything from a traditional English pub to a modern cocktail bar, or a quaint Italian restaurant through to an Indian street food vendor. Whether you’re on the hunt for a quick and filling meal or something more adventurous Leeds has it all, not forgetting of course the very best of Yorkshire fare, including the famous British roast dinner, complete with Yorkshire Puddings. Find out more about what the city has to offer for delegates after hours, as well as during a conference here.

A taste of Yorkshire

Catering is an important ingredient for any conference and adding a local twist to the catering can only enhance the delegate experience.

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A Yorkshire Recipe Book

Conference venues from around Leeds offer fantastic Yorkshire fare and here are just a few of our favourite recipes from some of their specialist chefs.

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Leeds' food and drink scene

When it comes to food Leeds has a lot to offer from sophisticated dining, quirky cafes and the streetfood revolution.

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Private Dining Venues

Leeds is home to a variety of exceptional dining experiences, including some delicious private culinary adventures for your specific business needs, whether you are looking to organise an exclusive speakers dinner or a food experience for your conference board.

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Exclusive Hire Venues

When it comes to conferencing, Leeds’ celebration of the culinary arts is a winner with delegates and organisers alike.  Exclusive hire options can give conference organisers and attendees the chance to gather, drink and dine at some amazing venues with everything laid on – no missed bookings, queues for tables or last minute reservations required. 

If you’re looking to hire out a whole venue to entertain delegates, there are plenty of options on the menu. Please click here to see all the options.