Professor Jim Boyne

Head of Biomedical Science at Leeds Beckett University

Job title: Head of Biomedical Science

Organisation: Leeds Beckett University

Event: HUCBMS (Heads of University Centres of Biomedical Science) Conference

Date of the event: September 2024

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About the event:

The mission of the HUCBMS is to promote the development and enhancement of biomedical sciences teaching and research. That includes promoting national and international quality standards in teaching and research; ensuring biomedical science departments have adequate resources; providing benchmarks for model curricula; offering advice and guidance; and promoting the exchange of views and discussion of information between member institutions.

Representing the interests of those member institutions means speaking and acting on a national and international stage, not least through the annual HUCBMS conference where members meet to exchange ideas, discuss developments in the field and guide future activity.


About Jim:

Reading Genetics at the University of Sheffield in the early 1990s marked Jim’s entry into the field, an achievement made all the more impactful as the first of his family to attend university. A research position at Sheffield Children’s Hospital and a PhD in cell division led to a series of research positions at Cancer Research UK, then the University of Leeds to study the molecular biology of cancer.

In 2009, Jim established a research group at the University of Bradford, supporting PhD studies in his role there as Director of Postgraduate Research. 2019 saw a move to the University of Huddersfield, and promotion to Associate Professor, with research funding from several cancer charities. Since 2021, Jim has been at Leeds Beckett University as Head of Biomedical Science, with promotion to professor in 2022 a career highlight tying only with seeing his first PhD student receive their degree.