Our team and our partners are experts in their fields, responsible for helping hundreds of world-class conferences find their place in Leeds. We’ve got just the kind of specialist knowledge, hints, tips and tricks that can transform an event from the ordinary to the exceptional, and the experience to put it into practice. Check back for blog posts covering key conferencing topics, city features, tools and case studies.

Conferences are back…back again

Following a state of turmoil where the digital screen became our best friend for meeting, actual in-person meetings are back, and with a vengeance!

12 Apr 2022

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Not just for sleeping: global hotel brands that provide spectacular overnight experiences in Leeds

Chain hotels are the elite of the hospitality sector. Think time-honoured art deco to sleek contemporary architecture, and warm classical interiors to mid-century modern design.

26 Jan 2022

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Independent Venues in Leeds

Leeds is a city that is fuelled by independence. From shopkeepers and craftspeople to creatives and cooks, the city is a host to unique venues and radical innovators at the forefront of tech, healthcare, culture and sport.

9 Jul 2021

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Travel and Transport

As the epicentre of the North, Leeds welcomes millions of visitors to the city every year for both business and pleasure, and it couldn’t be easier to plan your trip to the city.

11 Jun 2021

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Key Developments in Leeds: Science and Technology

11 November 2020: Leeds and its residents have had a real impact on the world as we know it, and the city has an impressive track record of people and innovative developments to be proud of. The diversity, modernity and cultural atmosphere of the cit

19 Nov 2020

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