Alice Adams & Gemma Milner

Commercial & Educational Booking Officers at Leeds City Museum & Art Gallery

Reason for nomination: The Leeds Museums and Galleries team are very proud of two of their team: Alice Adams and Gemma Milner. Following the first national lockdown last year, both Alice and Gemma have stepped up to make sure the wider needs of the council were met, while still developing the conference offering for the city of Leeds.


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Alice was redeployed from May until August of 2020 to assist the Coronavirus Emergency Response Team within Leeds City Council, to provide emergency aid to the community during the first lockdown. In the Summer, she also took on additional administration to assist with the distribution of food vouchers to support local community hubs. She is now about to take on her third reallocated role to support the vaccine rollout.

Meanwhile, Gemma took the lead on upgrading and rolling out a new booking and events system across Leeds Museums and Galleries and also assisted and ran training sessions for staff across all nine of their venues for the new software. During the November lockdown, she successfully trialled the new system and supported the education team at Leeds City Museum to set up and run virtual workshops for schools, which are now available in the classroom and by Zoom.

Throughout this, Alice and Gemma continued to work together to ensure clients at Leeds Museums and Galleries are still given excellent customer care. The team secured £24,000 funding to upgrade the tech equipment in its meeting facilities to support hybrid, digital and live stream events to expand its offering post lockdown.

Nominated by: Linda Ribeiro, Head of Business and Enterprise for Leeds Museums and Galleries.

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